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California Gold is an all-natural, hand crafted Molasses Barley Corn Spirit. It borrows and combines its taste profile from Caribbean-style rum and Kentucky bourbon. Despite being an over-proof spirit, California Gold is naturally smooth due to our unique aging process, and the use of the finest ingredients including water from pristine snowmelt in Yosemite.


California Gold is aged in American charred oak barrels, which lends to it's smoky overtones and clean finish. Our technique of using 15 gallon barrels as opposed to a 60 gallon barrel, provides more wood contact with the spirit by four times, thus having the effect of faster aging. This allows Reed & Lacey to take advantage of mellowed tannins in a shorter period of time.


Tasting Notes:

Hints of butterscotch, almond, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, smoke and oak. 


Batch #1 Notes:  

California Gold was barreled on 12/23/2013 in barrels #01-016(15gal) charred American oak/French oak chips. Extracted from barrels on 12/28/2014. 1080/750ml bottled on 1/8/2015. 97.2 @ 53 degree=100.010 PROOF



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What is



Twin Tanks at Fort Point Beer Company in Presidio, San Francisco, Ca. Founders of Mill Valley Beerworks. California Gold's beer/mash was made here. BATCH #1

Vendome 500gal. Copper Pot Still at Sweetwater

Distillery in Petaluma, Ca. California Gold's beer /

mash was distilled here. BATCH #1

Reed & Lacey's first commercial batch was fermented at Fort Point Beer Company (Founders of Mill Valley Beerworks) in Presidio, San Francisco. They then hauled 1,200 gallons across county lines to Sweetwater Distillery in Petaluma where it was distilled

and barreled. Finally they brought it back to San Francisco's Yerba Buena Distillery on Treasure Island, where it rested for 12 months. 



Batch #2 Notes:  

California Gold was barreled on 10/23/2017 in barrels #01-08(15gal) charred American oak/French oak chips. Extracted from barrels on 12/28/2018. 571/750ml bottled on 1/8/2019. 97.2 @ 53 degree=100.010 PROOF

California Gold second commercial batch was fermented, distilled and aged at Falcon Spirit Distillery in Richmond California.

The Making of California Gold

Photo's of our journey in the making of Reed & Lacey California Gold.






The Legend of the Oak Barrel Tree



"It was a great big tree!" the old man boasted as we sat down in his shed to hear the story of the legendary oak barrel tree. An oak tree so big that it shaded the 40 acre plantation the old man lived on. In the corner of the room, there was about 50 cases that stacked high to the ceiling with bottled spirits. But no still.


I asked the old man where was his still? He looked at me with a slight smile and said, "Well son, don't have much use for a still, seeing that Old Oak provides all the spirit I need." "Oak, who's Old Oak?" I asked outloud. "The great big oak tree, boy, haven't you been listening?" the old man said. "You're telling me Old Oak is the giant oak tree that produces this fine moonshine we are sippin?" How is that possible I thought.


The old man lead us out the back of the shed, to reveal the biggest oak tree I had ever seen. A fog had settled down amongst the branches which made it impossible to see the true size of the giant, but underneath the behemoth oak I notice the old man had tapped a spigot on the side of the tree's trunk. "You got to be kidding me," I said, as the old man turned the spout to release the golden amber nectar hidden inside. The old man continues to tell me the tree's tale.


"It was well over a century old and was the real cause for the San Francisco 1906 earthquake that devastated the entire city. Old Oak had a growth spurt and grew 100 feet high, so high that you could wave at the passerbyers in the heavens", the old man joked, though he said he wasn't joking. He said, "You keep drinking that moonshine, Old Oak might even talk to you." At this point I started to believe the old man so we had a few more rations from Old Oak, as we gazed up at the canopy of oak barrels that hung from the branches of the tree. 


Well, did Old Oak ever speak?


Not sure. By the time morning rolled around we had passed out from the 123 cask proof.



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